Grist Architect
A diversified architectural firm serving a variety of clients.

The office, presently located in Claremont, was established originally as John K. Grist / Architect reorganized as Grist Associates.

John K. Grist, Architect, is a cum laude graduate of the University of Southern California, a National Council of Architecture Registration Board ( NCARB ) Certificate holder, and past president of the Pasadena-Foothill Chapter, American Institute of Architects ( AIA ).

The firm has had years of experience in providing service to a wide range of clients, on a variety of project types, in many of the southland's communities.

Design Approach
It is our normal practice to design each project to fit the client’s preference. Consideration is also given to the requirements of the site, and local restrictions.

In the case of an alteration, or addition, to an existing structure, our main goal is to incorporate existing design, details, and materials so the resulting design is such that the new work is a cohesive unit.

The common element in each project is not one particular style, but rather a specific sense of proportion, spatial relationships, and organization.